Spring Is A Great Time To Paint Your House

Winter is finally over and the snow has finally all melted! Now is the time to get started on those exterior painting projects. Below are a few reasons why painting your house in the spring might be the best time for your home and your wallet.

  1. During spring months the temperature is rarely ever too hot for the paint to dry and cure properly. This will help to ensure your paint job gets the longest life and protection it needs.

  2. On most home re paints there is quite a bit of prep work such as scraping, priming raw wood, and re caulking failed joints. These are crucial to get repaired before anything more serious occurs. Getting your home prepped and painted first thing in the spring reduces the risk of further damage during the hot summer months.

  3. Spring months are when painters typically start to schedule estimates and book clients for the exterior painting season. Since it’s the start of the season there is a good chance if you call right away you are able to get your home done in the spring months. Worst case you are at least able to get your home scheduled for the current exterior season. If you wait till the middle of summer, a lot of companies are already booked out for the season. If your home needs protection you don’t want to put it through another winter like we had this year!

  4. Another advantage of getting your home painted in the spring is you might just get a better deal vs. waiting until the peak of the season when painting contractors are all swamped with work!

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