Interior House Painters for Ashland, Oregon

Our professional interior house painters provide full interior painting services including wall and ceiling repaints, painting doors & trim, painting cabinets, and small commercial painting projects in Ashland and Medford. During each of these interior painting services, our quality and communication with you as the homeowner or builder are most important to us.

Our team of professional house painters repaints the interior walls of houses and small commercial spaces.

As we start the interior painting services, we remove all outlet covers, towel barracks, thermostats, fill all nail holes with spackle, and caulk failing joints around trim and windows. All baseboards will be taped off and flooring will be protected. Once the interior painting prep work is complete we will paint your walls using the brush and roll method. Two coats of paint are applied to all surfaces we are painting. All outlet covers and other mounted items will be reinstalled before the job is closed out.

High-Quality Paints and Materials

We only use the best paints and materials, so your walls and other surfaces will look great and last for a long time.

Attention to Detail

For a perfect finish, our team pays close attention to details. We carefully prepare walls and surfaces for a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

Additional Interior Painting Services

Ceilings – Our team of interior house painters first covers all flooring to protect from drips while painting. All ceiling lights, fan covers, and fire alarms will be removed prior to painting. This ensures a professional painting finish once everything is put back together. All ceilings are rolled and two coats are always applied. Once the painting is complete everything will be reinstalled and cleaned up.

Trim – We typically spray all interior trim. To do this we mask off all flooring and walls above the trim. This ensures protection from any overspray. Furniture in the area will also be protected. Once everything is covered we will sand, fill, and caulk any areas on the trim that need prep work. Two coats of paint are then applied to the trim. All masking and plastic will be cleaned up before the job is closed out.

Kitchen Cabinets – Whether you want to paint your old stained cabinets or simply change the color of your cabinets, our professional interior house painters tackle all cabinet projects. We begin by cleaning and de-glossing your cabinets. Once that is complete all doors and drawers will be taken off. All kitchen walls, appliances, ceilings, and countertops will be covered and protected. Two primer coats are applied and sanding is done between and after each coat. Two topcoats are applied and light sanding is done between coats. Everything is then put back together and cleaned up before the job is closed out.

Contact us today to schedule your painting project and experience the difference with us and our satisfaction guarantee.

100% Interior House Painters Satisfaction Guarantee

Dependable Southern Oregon interior house painting service that you can trust with the lowest impact on our environment is our leading message at Greenwood Painting. We believe that you as the customer deserve a professional interior house painter who shows up on time, returns phone calls promptly, completes the project with quality and care, and does a final walk-through before the job is closed.

Customer Testimonials

From small repairs to large commercial projects, our skills and customer service exceed expectations. Discover why our customers love us!

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