Fall Is the Best Time for Exterior House Painting

Ah, summer. The kids aren’t in school, you’ve got more hours in your day and the weather is warmer. It might seem like summer is the best time to paint the exterior of your house, but it’s not. In fact, fall really is the best time for house painting. There is less humidity, the cooler weather actually makes it more comfortable for painter, and painting companies actually have more open calendars.

Humidity and House Paint

When you are painting the interior or exterior of your house, it’s very important that the paint dry properly. Humidity can be almost as damaging as rain when it comes to drying. The wetness of large amounts of humidity can cause peeling and cracking in house paint. Even lower amounts of humidity can cause the paint to not last as long as expected. Late spring and summer can be the worst times for humidity. Late summer and early fall can be some of the driest months so look to these times for better results.

Cool Temperatures

It may go without saying that cooler temperatures in the fall are better when you’re working outside. Summer temps can get downright hot, which is not only bad for your paint, it’s hard on the people who are painting your house. Fall’s cooler temperatures can make the job go faster and your paint last longer

Scheduling Your Paint Job

Summer is arguably the busiest time of year for house painters. It can be difficult to schedule a painter during the summer. The fall season is when most companies start to enter a slow period and can accommodate your scheduling needs better than would during the summer months. It’s nice when you don’t have to rush the paint job, take the time to choose colors and get the job done properly.

We Have Openings for Fall House Painting

If you’re ready to get a fresh coat of paint on your house before winter hits, call us right away. We currently have a few openings in our calendar and would love the opportunity to work with you on your next project! Contact Greenwood Painting today.

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