Interior Paint Colors and Mood

Changing the interior paint of a room is an inexpensive way to freshen up a space and represent your personal style through out your home. If your style embraces color, there is no reason to shy away from it simply to follow the trends of neutral tones. However, making sure the color choices in your home are setting the mood you wish to evoke in the space is an important step before any interior painting project.

Warm Paint Colors

Red – Red is known for being bold and eye catching. Your choice of red for interiors can associate the room with romance and can bring energy and excitement to a space. You probably shouldn’t choose it for a bedroom where you expect to wind down and rest, since red is known to make people alert and speed up heart rates. However, the stimulating effect it has on conversation may set the mood for a living room where people gather together.

Pink – Pink can also be a calming color choice in a space. It promotes calm, playfulness and love, and in some shades has a youthful, fun feel making it a wonderful option for kids bedrooms and playrooms. Pink is mostly associated with femininity so it may be a better consideration for girls rooms, but that choice is up to you. “Hot Pink” can be vibrant and euphoric and best suited for rooms that are lively and entertaining.

Yellow – Yellow is another color that can bring energy and liveliness to a room. It is a color that represents joy and happiness, and can be uplifting and welcoming in an interior space. Yellow is often associated with sunshine and warmth and can make a room cheery. Be careful using too much or too bright of a yellow as it is also known to cause anger and frustration.

Cool Colors

Green – Green is another great option for setting a mood of relaxation and calm. Studies show it is the easiest color to your eyes and can reduce anxiety. It represents prosperity and nature bringing clarity and restoration to the room. You can use green paint for interiors to relieve stress due to it’s peaceful representation.

Blue – Blue is known to have a calming effect to an individual. Different shades of blue can bring peace and serenity to your space. Blue is a good choice for a bedroom or sitting room where you wish to settle in and relax. However, some lighter shades of blue can come across as cold or darker blues as representing sadness. You’ll find it is important to select the right tone for your room to get the desired mood.

Purple – Purple is a good choice for a room to evoke feelings of romance and luxury. Its rich tone can feel mysterious and spark creativity, while lighter tones will brighten and calm an interior room. You can choose purple for bedrooms, dining rooms and any room you want to promote creativity. You can also use darker shades to make a room feel more luxurious.

White – White can be a great choice to bring openness to your room. White represents purity, innocence and wholeness. Whites and off-whites can be great in kitchens and areas where you want the appearance of more space. Adding white paint to a room can also give it a feeling of cleanliness and purity. White isn’t necessarily an energy or a calm color and can make the room and the people in it seem neutral.

Interior painting is a quick way to create a depth and interest to your room. You can select the colors and shades that bring your desired mood to your interior spaces. Ready to start your next interior painting project? Call Greenwood Painting today for a free quote. 541-699-2940

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