Exterior House Painting Prep Tips

So you have done your research on painters, collected estimates, reviewed bids, hired an exterior painting contractor for your home, and are now scheduled for the season. Below is a list of things you can do as a homeowner to help out your painting company before the crew shows up and gets going on your project.

  1. Walk around your home and make sure all trees and bushes are trimmed away from the house so there is plenty of room to work and paint behind them.

  2. Pull away all items that are up against the house. This will make the job run much smoother and allow the crew to get right to work when they show up.

  3. Pick out paint colors before the crew shows up for power washing. This really gets the ball rolling for the painting process.

  4. If new light fixtures are to be purchased wall make sure the old fixtures are taken down prior to the crew showing up. Most painters mask off light fixtures and other mounted items so by removing them this will ensure a proper seal is behind the new fixture that will be installed.

  5. If new hardware is to be installed for doors make sure those are picked out ahead of time. That way when the door hardware is removed on the door the new hardware can be installed right after.

  6. If new shutters or other accent pieces are being purchased make sure those are also in possession beforehand so the crew can prep the items correctly.

  7. If any siding needs to be replaced make sure that is all done before painting begins.

All these things will help make your painting job run smoother!

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Happy Painting!

Nate Huff Greenwood Painting LLC

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