6 Must Haves For Your Next Interior Paint Job

Refreshing interior walls with a new color or coat of paint is an affordable and simple way to make an impact in your space. Before beginning your next interior paint job, there are some supplies to consider that may make the task easier and more enjoyable. We have rounded up our six must haves for the job.

  1. Quality Painter’s Tape – A good painter’s tape is essential for getting the clean crisp lines you desire when painting interior spaces. Cheap tape runs the risks of allowing paint to seep underneath, pull existing paint from walls and wood trim, or stick and leave residue behind when it is removed.

  2. Drop cloth – There’s no doubt, painting can be a messy job. Even the most skilled painters are bound to let a drop or two escape without reaching its intended surface. A durable drop cloth is important to ensure the protection of flooring and furniture you do not want to have painted.

  3. Painting Trays – Painting trays are essential for any interior wall that requires a roller. Attaining a metal tray that hooks to your ladder is a sturdy solution from having to take multiple trips down the ladder for more paint as well as keeping your tray from falling. Cheap plastic liners can be added to the tray for easy clean up, enabling you to reuse the tray, and extend its lifespan.

  4. Brushes and Rollers – There are many choices when it comes to the types and sizes of brushes and rollers used for applying paint to your interior. Consider the spaces you are painting, smaller rollers and brushes can assist in getting the tight, hard to reach spaces while wider rollers can cover larger walls. Choosing the correct application tools will result in efficient processes and quality results.

  5. Extension pole – Having an extension pole that attaches to edgers and rollers allows easier access to higher out of reach areas. It is a must have especially for painting interiors with vaulted ceilings or walls above stairways. Extension poles also allow better leverage and two handed grip while rolling larger walls which can save your hands and wrists during a big project.

  6. A Step Ladder – A sturdy 4’-6’ step ladder is a wise investment for safety rather than standing on unstable chairs or stools. The height allows you to reach most places of an interior safely while also being able to move it throughout the space.

With the proper equipment, painting an interior space can be accomplished simply and with a high quality finish. If you have any questions, or want to talk about getting an estimate for your next interior paint job in Bend or Redmond, call us today! 541-699-2940

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