5 Tips to Choosing the Right Exterior Paint

The curb appeal from an exterior paint job adds value to your home. When choosing to make a change to the exterior it is important to consider what will increase the value and not detract from the original beauty of your home and surroundings. The options may seem endless and overwhelming, but with these 5 tips to choosing the right exterior paint we hope it will assist you in narrowing the decision.

  1. When considering the color palette for your exterior, look to the design elements that will remain unchanged. Unless you are doing a complete renovation, there may be masonry, roof shingles, or brick with existing color. Look at their undertones whether they are warm like browns and beige or cool like blacks and gray that can point towards a color palette with the same undertones to compliment each other.

  2. Looking to your homes style is also key to choosing complimenting colors. Different styled home from different eras are visually appealing in particular colors. Modern Pacific Northwest homes tend to lend themselves toward neutral colors and natural wood, while a farmhouse would look nice in a contrasting bright white with black trim.

  3. The natural landscape around your home will also give cues to which colors you should lean toward. A desert landscape may look best with warm neutrals of tan and reds while a home surrounded by lush gardens with color may look best with cooler soft color choices.

  4. Considering the neighborhood. Look to the homes surrounding yours in the neighborhood. The existing color palettes in the area can show which schemes may look best on your home style and will not be competing to stand out in a bad way along the street. It is also important to check for neighborhood CC&Rs (covenants, conditions and restrictions) or with an HOA for guidelines or restrictions specific to your neighborhood.

  5. Exterior paint comes in many sheens. Selecting which is best for your home’s exterior is determined by the performance and durability you are wanting to achieve. A flat sheen paint is good for hiding imperfections but is hard to clean, while a gloss finish will have a durable, easy to clean surface but can be less forgiving and show any blemishes. A satin or eggshell paint is good for siding as it can be both easy to clean and gives a good coverage over imperfections.

Updating exterior paint is an important investment to your home and not one you want to have to do often. Choosing the right exterior paint for your home is a great way to protect your investment and insure beautiful curb appeal that will last.

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