How Weather Affects House Painting in Bend, Oregon

With the wild weather of Central Oregon, it can be difficult to know when to paint and the affect the climate with have on painting your home in Bend, OR. Knowing the role the weather conditions will play will assist you in scheduling your painting project and how to avoid the unwanted environmental factors that lead to problems in a finished product.

Avoid painting in extreme temperature conditions. Too cold temperatures will keep the paint from drying. If the temperatures are too hot it will dry too quickly before it can be applied smoothly creating bubbles, cracks and discoloration. Painting in extreme cold or hot weather conditions will prevent paint from binding properly and result in cracking and peeling. Choosing a paint and reading paint labels for which temperature is suggested to stay within will assist in selecting your optimal painting day and the flexibility you will have with it.

Avoid painting in the direct sun. The sun exposure will heat the painted surfaces and cause uneven distribution of paint resulting in bubbles and streaks in the finish. On a warmer, sunny day, start on the exterior of the home that is in the shade and work around the house throughout the day.

As the temperature lowers, the paint thickens. With the temperature drops that happen often on a cold night in Bend, OR you should begin your project early in the day to allow the paint plenty of time before the temperatures begins to go down with the sun.

Completing the exterior home painting earlier in the day can also assist in avoiding the afternoon winds that pick up in Central Oregon. High winds can bring debris that will adhere to fresh paint or affect drying resulting in uneven surfaces.

Watch the clouds for unexpected rain. Though Bend, OR is known for its dryer, high desert climate, there is the occasional rain in the spring or summer and snowfall in the winter that should be accounted for. Painting damp surfaces or not allowing time for the paint to dry before it is exposed to moisture may result in quicker fading or an inconsistent finish.

The weather will have a continued affect on your home’s exterior after painting day. Dark colors will fade faster with the sun and moisture from snow fall and rain may cause cracking in paint. Though every home will need to be repainted over time, choosing the correct colors, paint products and finishes can determine the longevity of your exterior home’s paint.

The optimal painting day would have mild temperatures, low humidity and little to no wind. However, with a spring or summer day in Bend, OR it can begin a cool, sunny morning and end with high winds, raining thunderstorms or frigid nights. Watching the forecast for weather changes is important. Keeping an eye on the sky and planning your exterior painting project accordingly will result in a quality and long lasting finish for your home in Central Oregon.

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