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Interior Color Trends for Bend, Oregon

If you are looking to update your interior with paint this season, it may be the right time to play with some color. The color trends have brought beautiful shades to focus that pair well with Bend, Oregon landscape. Read on for the list of trending interior colors and how they lend to the beautiful surroundings of Central Oregon.

Deep Avocado or Olive Green

Dark greens are seen everywhere, trending in everything from interiors to fashion. There are many shades of green to choose from while staying within the trend, but all lend to the feeling of nature and outdoors embraced throughout Bend. The greens showcase the richness of the evergreen trees and add color and will leave the relaxed, soft feeling of a neutral. Olive green would be a great option both for painting an accent wall as well as completely painting an entire room, both walls and ceiling, for a rich, cozy feel.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a timeless hue to add to any room through interior paint. The warm, rich color offers depth and interest, however, it keeps a welcoming and cozy feel to the space. It is much like the dark blue sky of a warm early evening. 

Clay Red

Various shades of red have made their appearance for being on trend in 2020. The light clay or rust reds have a high desert feel of Central Oregon with the rich clay earth sands and beautiful sunsets of the area.

Golden Yellows

With Bend, Oregon known for its many sunny days throughout the year, we had to include the on trend color of golden yellow hues for 2020. Bring the Central Oregon sunshine indoors through your interior paint. This will lift any room with the color that evokes happiness and optimism. 

Rich brown and Camel Tan

A timeless rich color palette of dark brown and camel hues add warmth for interior paint in a room. The colors bring the sands and rich earth of the high desert indoors. This will create a calming, natural feel in any room. Brown and tans, while being within a neutral palette, can still add the interest and warmth of color.

Warm Cream

If embracing brighter, less neutral colors is not currently your thing, do not fear. Neutral paint colors continue to stay in trend allowing for easy style transition through the seasons. With light colors, it is good to refresh paint often to keep the room feeling bright and clean. Warm creams are the trend neutral color of 2020.  To use and freshen up an interior space, do a full interior room paint job on walls and ceilings.

These trend colors of 2020 are perfect for interior painting in any room. They’re pairing with the surroundings of Bend, Oregon allows you to bring the colors of your outdoors to your interior and enjoy the feeling and beauty of your area all year round.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Greenwood just finished painting the outside of our house. We are so happy with their work! They were professional, meticulous and so detailed. The job was finished earlier than we expected and we couldn’t believe all the work that was put into our house. They went above and beyond to make sure it was painted perfectly and our house is now protected from the weather. We highly recommend them and will happily use them again! What a transformation! Thank you!"

- Janie Drake

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